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What is Elefont: (It's just cool ! )
Elefont is a free tool to create 3D text objects from TTF fonts (ELEvated-FONTSs). They are generated into DXF-files which you can import for example into BRYCE rendering software. It is equiped with a funny non standard GUI. I developed it to create nice landscape pictures together with texts. You can also use it to create free scaleable texts from TTF fonts in a CAD system.
Some use it together with Lightwave. ("This does a much better job than the text plugin included with Lightwave", Dave Edens).
The models can also be saved for PovRay/Moray.

elefont2.jpg (9096 Byte)

System requirements:
Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0/95/98 (Sorry, I don't program Macs)
A graphic card with at least 65536 colors at min. 640x480 resolution . (Graphic freaks know why)
The Microsoft Foundation Classes DLL Version 4.2 (in system32 directory named MFC42.DLL)
And of course a rendering software which can import 3D DXF objects. (Bryce works best)

It was developed on a WindowsNT 4.0 system with a 233 MHz, Pentium II, 128 MB RAM and a normal 4MB graphic card.

How to get it:
Download zipped ELEFONTx.ZIP  (242 KB) (all GUI pictures are built in!)
Download zipped MFC42.ZIP (442KB) (if necessary)
(Almost unbelievable that  the whole application fits on half a floppy!)

Get it and more infos here

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