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What is Spiralizer
Spiralizer is the second tool from Armanisoft. It generates any kinds of 3D spiral models for all renderers which can import DXF objects. It's made like Elefont and also has a self explaining GUI. A text defines the cross-section (normally just a round dot) and there are 10 parameters which define the spirals. See some sample pictures from the gallery.

Printscreen of the GUI:

PrintScreen.jpg (17041 bytes)

System requirements:
The requirements are the same as for Elefont.
Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0/95/98 (Sorry, I don't program Macs)
A graphic card with at least 65536 colors. (Graphic freaks know why)
The Microsoft Foundation Classes DLL Version 4.2 (you can download it)
The Microsoft Visual C Runtime DLL (you can download it)
(in system32 directory named MFC42.DLL, MSVCRT.DLL)
And of course a rendering software which can import 3D DXF objects. (Bryce works best)

It was developed on a WindowsNT 4.0 system with a 233 MHz, Pentium II, 128 MB RAM and a normal 4MB graphic card.

How to get it:
Download zipped SPIRALIZERx.ZIP  (165 KB) (all GUI pictures are built in!)
Download zipped MS-DLL.ZIP (575KB) (if necessary)
(Almost unbelievable that  the whole application fits on half a floppy!)

Server Switzerland:  SPIRALIZER12.ZIP , MS-DLL.ZIP,

Please support the development of other tools with a donation.

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Please don't publish copies of my files without permission. It's always OK to have a link to this page and to my servers.

Copyright 1998-2013 by Armin Mueller

How to install:
To make downlaod fast and easy there is no installation program and also because there is only a single exe-file. If you don't have already the MFC42.dll and MSVCRT.dll on your system you can download it too. If you don't know, just try to start Spiralizer.exe and if there are missing DLLs a message box will tell you. My advise is to copy the DLLs into the application directory but it also works from the system32 directory.

Create a new directory (for example: c:\program files\spiralizer)
Download zip file(s) into this application directory.
Unzip the file(s)
Create a shortcut on your desktop.
You should now be able to run Spiralizer (spiralizer.exe)

How to uninstall:
Just remove the created application directory.
You also can remove the registry entries under:

Have fun and mail me some of your creations you made with Spiralizer.
Also mail bug reports and suggestions or if you wan't to be informed
about new releases.

Version Info:
Version 1.0:  4th September 1998 Firstly published on the net.
Version 1.1:  9th September 1998 MORAY/Povray support plus some minor bugfixes.
Version 1.2:  28th September 1998 Multi arm spiral export fixed.

Knowledge Base 1.0:
A.)   On Windows 95 after installation or reset there may be no preview. Enter a dot '.' into the edit field to get a square cross-section. Select font 'Times New Roman' and you get a round cross-section.
B.)   On Windows 95 the preview may be green instead of red. With a change of the display settings to true color (24 bit) this could be fixed.
C.)  There is no icon on the taskbar.
(This bugs are fixed in version 1.1)

Knowledge Base 1.1:
A.) There is a bug with spirals with more than one arm. Only one arm is exported.
(This bug is fixed in version 1.2)

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